Tuesday, 31 July 2012

An Extract From "Dave Cooper Is Unemployed" - by Luke Ryman

In a pub, somewhere on the Isle Of Wight

At about ten o’clock, when everybody was well and truly drunk, we were joined by Walt and Doris, the two Americans we had met on the ferry, who pushed themselves through the crowded bar to be with us. When Walt finally crashed down in his chair, he mopped his brow with a handkerchief, and complained that the heat was too much for him. Doris leaned against the back of her husband’s chair and said that she was hungry. Walt coughed and spluttered, and after asking us all how we were doing, he asked Dave if his wife could have a couple of sandwiches. Dave passed the platter to Doris, who, smiling at Dave, proceeded to finish off the rest of the food. Walt sighed, and asked us if we wanted a drink, before asking Chris in a booming voice to serve us whatever we wanted.

Whilst waiting for the drinks, Walt explained that he and his family were staying in a bed and breakfast, just down the road. He added that the place was the pits, and that the owner looked like Adolf Hitler. Dave chuckled, and as the drinks arrived, he told Walt that we were all staying at the same place. After toasting our health, Walt continued, and said that he thought the owner was a goddamn pervert, as he had taken a more than a reasonable interest in his two daughters, Stacey and J. C...


  1. Sounds interesting! Where can I find the rest of the book?

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  2. Thanks for the comment. The fully revised version is currently available via amazon for Kindle. The revised paperback version will be available from 11th August from Amazon.com.
    Keep following this site for further extracts from all the titles in the Dave Cooper series of books.

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