Friday, 6 July 2012

When Everything Comes Together

Tony and me at last have something to celebrate, after the two of us won nearly two thousand pounds on the lottery.
YES! It's wonderful news, and as can only be expected, our good luck means that tonight's trip to the pub will be extra special.
Tony reckons that the alignment of the planets may be behind our much-needed windfall, and that God has at last decided to give us something to smile about.
I think that my fat friend's belief that divine intervention is to thank for our good luck may be unfounded, especially when Tony has been known to steal from churches, and urinate in graveyards, after a heavy night's drinking in our favourite pub.
But we're not going to blow all of our winnings in the pub, because that would be foolish, especially when with so much cash the two of us can at last have a decent holiday.
So, tomorrow morning, we're off on our travels with a few of our cronies, when we'll be heading to a campsite on the south coast, for a well-deserved ten day camping holiday.
I think we're going to have a GREAT time, and as I write, Tony is packing his case, whilst whistling a jolly tune.
I can only apologise in advance to any other campers who will be at the site at the same time as us, and whilst Tony, the gang, and me will try and respect your wishes, and act responsibly at all times, I honestly believe that after drinking all day, and partying all night - for ten long days - if you're looking for peace and quiet, it's probably a good idea if you go on holiday somewhere else!
We'll be back - soon.

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