Thursday, 25 October 2012

We Haven't Always Been Idle

Apart from our stint as removal men, Tony once worked in a local pizzeria, which, because he likes eating pizza, he thought sounded like a good job for him. The pizzeria in question is a few streets away from where we live, and I think that my fat friend was probably carried away by images of sunny Italy, and people sitting outdoors, eating their food, whilst watching the world go rolling by. In reality it was nothing like that, and when Tony wasn't stood in a filthy kitchen, trying to make the perfect pizza, he was expected to shoot around south-east London, on a ridiculously undersized moped, delivering orders to the restaurant's customers. His career in pizzas didn't last a whole week, and since then, Tony has decided that catering isn't for him.

Tony's very brief career in pizzas. Extract taken from "The Londoners" - An Ebook for Kindle by Luke Ryman.
***Coming Soon - "The Londoners 2"

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