Sunday, 18 November 2012

Another Sunday In The Lives Of Cooper & Joy

The stench of stale lager. The stench of terrible food. The stench of defeat, after losing at darts to some very excited French students. The stench of the toilets. The stench of the street.
Ahhh...disgusting it may be, but to Tony and me this is life.
And after our lunchtime in the pub, tonight we will dine on the finest frozen pizzas our money can buy.
YES! Frozen pizzas, cans of lager, cigarettes and perhaps another trip to the pub.
Those dear French boys and girls wiped the floor with Tony at me.
Still - and for once in his life - the fattest man in Catford showed that he can be a good loser, and took defeat on the chin. After all, and as Tony rightly says, we may have lost at darts, but was it not the Duke Of Wellington who made an entire nation proud, as he punished Napoleon, and gave Abba the inspiration they needed to record their first number one hit.
That's Tony all over - in the hour of defeat, he can still find something to smile about.

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