Tuesday, 27 November 2012

We Always Have Time For Our Friends

If it appears that Mr. Joy and myself spend most of our time either in our favourite pub, or eating unhealthy food in dirty caf├ęs, this is certainly not the case.
Some of our time - although not a great deal - is allocated to visiting friends in need of support and help, because as Tony rightly says, without friends the world would be a terrible place.
Regular readers of this blog may already know some of our buddies, and probably ask themselves why we associate with miscreants and no-hopers, such as Kevin - the potato peeler from hell - and Andy, a man who is terribly dull, but also very rich, and therefore a fine friend to have when one is down and out, and wondering where the next drink is going to come from.
We recently visited another of our friends in prison, where Jim finds himself incarcerated after carrying out another arson attack.
Jim is no stranger to life behind bars, and although the thought of visiting him hardly had me frothing at the mouth with excitement, Tony reckons that visiting people in prison makes one realise the importance of freedom.
Needless to say, Jim was hardly the life and soul of the party, as he sat there in his prison clothes, banging on about the terrible food which he's forced to eat.
Mercifully, the visit was short, and on bidding our friend a cheerful farewell, I was only too glad to get to the nearest pub, to flush the taste of prison from my mouth.
Tony said that I'm a heartless bastard, but agreed that Jim's his own worst enemy, and that if you play with fire, you will eventually get burnt - and in Jim's case, you will also burn down a supermarket.

Read about more of our attempts to help bring a smile to Jim's face, in "The Londoners 2" - an Ebook for Kindle, available via Amazon.

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