Sunday, 30 December 2012

Drugged & Robbed In Las Vegas

The Third Day.

            I'm not sure if it was the early morning sun burning my face which woke me, or the roar of the engines of an overhead plane, as it came into land. In fact, it was neither of these things, but instead officer Baker prodding me in the ribs, to see if I was okay.

            Well – I was just fine! I had enjoyed a very pleasant evening with my dear friend, Tony Joy, and after dining on the finest food money could buy, we had finished the evening by having rough sex with Candy and Jenny. And now, the morning after, here I was stretched out in the Nevada desert, with the mother of all headaches and dry throats. And then, when I rubbed my eyes to get a better view, I could see the kind face of officer Baker, and out of the corner of my right eye, I could just make out the flashing lights of his patrol car. And finally, when my brain finally started to whir into life, I asked myself why I was where I was, and why I wasn't lying in my comfortable hotel bed, with Candy for company.

                                   *          *          *         *         *       *       *        *       *       *        *

            The coffee was fantastic, and the headache tablets had started to work. But as the nurse dabbed my face with cotton wool, my sunburnt skin stung like hell! She consoled me and said that the redness would disappear in a few days, but I told her that I wanted the redness to disappear straight away. She just gave me a motherly sort of smile and continued to dab away at my face, telling me that she didn't get many English patients.
Dave Cooper in the hands of a kind nurse, after having been drugged and robbed in Las Vegas.
Extract from "An American Adventure" - an Ebook for Kindle, to make you smile.

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