Tuesday, 11 December 2012

The Londoners 2: After Love Comes Hate

Behind these eyes - bulging and bloodshot - is a very sick and depraved mind. It is a mind where kindness and gentleness are now strangers. It is a mind which has become polluted over the years, and it is a mind which is now beyond the point of unravelling and understanding.
These eyes are used to undress young ladies, as they sit in the corner of the pub, drinking their vodka and coke, whilst laughing and joking with their boyfriends. These eyes tell young men that violence is the answer to all of life's problems, and if they have a problem, violently is how they will be dealt with. These eyes say that life is a constant struggle, but with alcohol and young ladies to undress, things aren't really that bad, are they?
And so Anthony Joy - with bulging and bloodshot eyes - is facing another crisis in his miserable life.
Never has Anthony been this poor, and never has Anthony felt so depressed.
Anthony Joy is at war with the world. A war confined to video games, but soon a war to be fought on the very streets in which he lives.
Anthony Joy is going to plunge to new depths, sink lower than he has ever been before, and try and salvage something from his disaster of a life.
The time for playing is over. In twenty-four hours things will seem so much better.
But life has never been easy for Anthony Joy...
The gloves are off in Catford, and the time for talking is over. There are no longer any rules to follow, and the winner will take all. Join Anthony Joy and David Cooper, as they set out to enrich themselves, in "The Londoners 2 - After Love Comes Hate"
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