Monday, 28 January 2013

Is It Time To Go?

Catford, south-east London.

So David Cameron has suggested that if the Tories are reelected at the next election, there may well be a referendum to decide Britain's fate in the E.U.

Having the spent the last seven years in France, I can see why Cameron is seriously wondering whether our part in Europe is of any benefit to Britain and its people, as France's socialist President has decided that nothing is more important than strengthening its ties with Germany, so that the two countries will emerge as the two Super Powers of a Europe run by two nations which were once the fiercest of enemies.

With unemployment spiralling out of control, factories closing at an alarming rate, taxes being increased, and a repressive police force, Fran├žois Hollande would be better of spending his time fixing his own broken country, instead of helping Angela Merkel fulfill her ambition of being the Supreme Commander of Europe and all of its subjects.

Of course, it's now sixty-eight years since the last war ended, but as Hollande woos Merkel at regular summits with displays of sycophancy that makes one want to vomit, I guess that he has completely forgotten a conflict that cost millions of lives, and left his own country ruined by years of occupation.

Even Hollande's own voters appear to be regretting voting for a man whose sole concern is helping to make Germany even mightier than it already is, whilst overlooking the mess in which France currently finds itself. And if Hollande seriously believes that Merkel will look kindly on France once the new Europe presents itself to the rest of the world, then he is clearly deluded.

The British were never going to be loved by the rest of Europe, as we are a people who are eyed with suspicion by most of our continental neighbours. After all, it must be a strange race who still clings on to its Royal Family, refuses to change its monetary system in favour of the ridiculed Euro, gets behind America in times of global conflict and takes no nonsense from the rest of the world.

Personally, I can't see Hollande getting reelected at the next Presidential election, but he has still got time to turn Europe into what will be the mother of all jokes, governed by Germany, and bursting at the seems with indebted countries which are rapidly joining the continent at an alarming rate, having nothing to offer, but with lists of demands a mile long.

It will be interesting to see how this story develops, and if Cameron really asks the British people if Britain should exit Europe, and turn its back on what is fast becoming a club of which membership brings very few benefits to Great Britain.

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  1. Luke, I can see where you're coming from, and agree with you when you write about the French/German marriage. Cameron is right to take us out of Europe. What an insult this is to all those who died in the last war.