Wednesday, 30 January 2013

What Is The Meaning Of This Dream?

A chic bar, somewhere in Paris.

The dream didn't make me laugh, because the tables had been turned. I now found myself in a Parisian bar, trying my hardest to enjoy myself, sitting in my wheelchair watching the world go by. Tony was by my side, complaining that he didn't understand a word which was being said, and that the barman had poked fun at his English accent. Tony was furious, although when he tasted the French beer which he had been served, his anger subsided, and he even agreed that French beer is so much better than that which we were used to, back at home.

Tony then wanted to fight with a young man at the bar. I don't know why he wanted conflict, but when I saw my friend frothing at the mouth, I imagined that it was because the man had made an obscene remark about the English. That, to Tony, was something which he couldn't accept. A stinking Frenchman who mocked the English deserved all the trouble he was going to find himself in.

Tony attacked the man with both of his fists, leaving no time for his victim to defend himself. I found my white shirt now stained with a Frenchman's blood, and crying out to Tony, to order him to cease beating the poor boy senseless, I only hoped that there would be no counter-attack, and that the proprietor of the bar would laugh, and say that no harm had been done.

It was then when Tony stopped, and running as fast as he could, he went crashing through the bar doors, abandoning me, and leaving me to take a good beating on his behalf.

I survived being beaten to a pulp, because Glen arrived just as things were looking bad for me. He fought the entire bar, and when there wasn't a Frenchman left standing, he grabbed the handles at the back of my wheelchair, and wheeled me to safety.
Dave Cooper's very strange dream, in which he finds himself in a Parisian bar.
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