Tuesday, 5 February 2013

He Worships All The Wrong Kind Of People

Winston Churchill: A Man Worth Worshipping

Tony gave me an evil look. A look filled with hatred and anger. I had said something which he knew was right, but which he didn't want to hear, for people like Glen were too clever to be caught, and it was a shame that there weren't more people in society like him. That was the problem for Tony. Society was full of fucking do-gooders - honest boys and girls - who got their kicks from being in cosy relationships, and from doing mundane jobs. Such people were just living out their existences, and not blazing trails like pioneers.

Tony Joy - an undesirable man - is unhappy when his friend, Dave Cooper, says what he really thinks about Tony's idol, Glen.
The author, Luke Ryman, reckons that Dave has probably got a point, because Glen is nothing but a thief, a crook and a liar. But to Anthony Joy, Glen is a man to be admired.
If you want to read more about Tony, Dave and Glen - and a host of other colourful characters - get out your Kindles and download the first two books in "The Londoners" trilogy. Or, follow this blog for further extracts from the author's titles.

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