Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Once Upon A Time...

...before Dave and Tony came to London, the two friends did actually hold respectable positions in an American bank, in an office situated in a delightful city in the south-east corner of England.

Responsible, professional and smart, the two friends were nothing like the two unemployed layabouts they have since become.

Sadly, all good things in life must come to an end, so when Dave and Tony were made redundant, they gave up on being responsible, they ceased to be professional, and they exchanged their suits for jeans and t-shirts.

But if they were unemployed, they certainly weren't broke, because Dave and Tony both left the bank with severance pay. YES! Cash in their pockets, and no more nine-to-five misery.

So off to the pub they went, to drink themselves merry, and plan their futures...
...and then came an invitation to join the pub's quiz team, to take part in a national pub quiz tournament.
Dave and Tony both agreed that a few weeks travelling around England, together with the rest of the team, would be a great way to relax, before getting back to work.
And so here, within the pages of this book, is an account of just what Dave and Tony got up to on their time on the road, as they travelled to some of England's less desirable towns and cities, looking to win first prize in the tournament, whilst not forgetting that life is also about love, sex and getting drunk!

And the rest, as we all know, is history!
Dave Cooper Is Unemployed is the very first outing for Dave and Tony. This ebook is available for Kindle, via all Amazon sites, and tells the story about what the two friends did, before coming to London, and making a mess of their lives in "The Londoners" series of ebooks.
Please note that these titles contain offensive language and references to sex.

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