Monday, 25 March 2013

On A Train In Kent...

Sittingbourne Railway Station

When we got to Sittingbourne the carriage was invaded by a group of French students. Tony looked at me and said he hated the French. He hated their stupid language, and he thought that their food was disgusting. When Barker said that France was probably the culinary centre of the world I threw my empty lager can at him. He looked away and said that we knew nothing about the finer things in life. Reaching into one of his bags, Sid pulled out a bottle of whisky and said that there was nothing finer than a ten-year-old single malt. We agreed, but decided to keep the whisky for later, as Dave said that he had a thirst for only lager and nothing else. As Tony passed around the cans he looked out of the window and told us that he had once spent a night in the cells, in Sittingbourne, after refusing to pay for a dodgy curry.
It will all end in tears on a train from Kent to London, as French students decide to come along for the ride.
Extract taken from "Dave Cooper Is Unemployed" - an ebook for Kindle by Luke Ryman

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