Wednesday, 6 March 2013


Underground is where the action is.

Deep beneath the surface of our part of London, the station was already unbearably hot, and that same stench which fills all of London's underground stations couldn't be avoided. I had decided to dress light for my day's work, but even though I was only wearing a t-shirt, I had started to sweat heavily, causing perspiration to appear under  my arms, which left me feeling dirty and uncomfortable. Tony was suffering worse than me, because his obesity meant that he was dripping with perspiration, which in turn left him to complain about the time we were forced to wait for out train to arrive. Wheezing and coughing, he eyed a group of foreigners at the end of the platform, and smiling, he said that they would be our first targets of the day, once we were on the train, because even if we could have picked their pockets there and then, it would have been unwise, because cameras had every angle of the platform covered.

Dave Cooper & Tony Joy are underground - beneath the streets of London - to pick pockets, and bring misery to the lives of many.
Extract taken from "The Londoners 2 - After Love Comes Hate" - an ebook for Kindle available via Amazon

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