Sunday, 14 April 2013

No Turning Back

We are now leaving Catford, in south-east London, and we’re never coming back. From my grubby window I see a street which we know well. It is our street – or now, it was our street. I think I can see the roof of our favourite pub, in which Sid, the landlord, will be wondering why Tony and me are not stood at the bar, ordering drinks and complaining about life. Goodbye Sid. Goodbye pub. Goodbye to the smell of the pub. And then I can see some shops, an abandoned warehouse, a yard overflowing with car tyres and the shell of a very old coach. We pass under a viaduct. There are a few trees and then the grey landscape reappears. More yards, more abandoned vehicles and factories which are empty and falling apart.
Dave Cooper & Tony Joy must leave Catford - and they won't be coming back!
But why must they go?
Extract taken from "The Londoners 3" - due out this summer.
To find out why Dave & Tony have got to go, and to read more about their miserable lives, check out the first two titles in "The Londoners" trilogy - available from Amazon for Kindle.

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