Thursday, 23 May 2013

He Comes From Oak Drive...

...and he was always left disappointed at Christmas.

Tony Joy endured a miserable childhood, in a humdrum town. Is it any wonder, then, that the brights lights of London seemed so appealing to him?

Oh, my dear Tony, you should have stayed where you belong...

The trilogy is complete. The journey is over. What a terrible mess they've made of their lives.
All three titles out now on Kindle, via all Amazon stores.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

He Needs A Drink!

Where Is The Pub?

There are eight platforms to receive people like us, concealed beneath an impressive awning which I thought was quite possibly Victorian in design. Others shared my opinion, for as Tony and me jumped from our train, tourists were busily arching their heads back to get a better look at the awning, and to take the occasional photograph.
FUCKING TOURISTS! They get everywhere. Tony pushed his way past a group of sightseers. He wasn’t interested in the awning – he just wanted to get a beer down his throat, nicotine into his lungs, and his backside on a barstool. So when he saw that there was no bar in the station he looked upwards, and asked God why. Why – the creator of all – did you not put a fucking bar in this station? And then on he went, pushing his way through the crowds, optimistic that there would be a pub waiting for us outside.
Tony Joy needs a drink.
Extract taken from "The Londoners 3 - No Turning Back"
Out now on Kindle.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Goodbye To All Of This

The End

So after four years in Catford, where they had hoped to build a decent life for themselves, Dave Cooper and Tony Joy are finally leaving town.
They won't be missed, because during those four years Dave and Tony have done some wicked things.
And just why are they going?
To find out the answer to this question, and to witness their leaving, turn the pages of the final instalment of The Londoners trilogy, The Londoners 3 - No Turning Back.
The good people of southeast London will sleep soundly tonight, now that Cooper and Joy are gone.
Now Valerie is standing by the window, and as the sun burns away the last of the heavy clouds, in the best English she can speak she tells me that she wants to swim in the sea, and then go out for the evening. She wants to dance and have fun. It sounds like a great idea to me, and after telephoning her Mama to say that she won’t be coming home tonight, Valerie is slipping into her bikini, and dreaming of pulsating music and beer.
At least Dave Cooper can dream, as his life spirals out of control.
Extract taken from The Londoners 3 - No Turning Back.
Now out on Amazon.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

A Whore Named Jill


Make Her Cry!
I decided that she was no amateur when it came to fellatio. She was just too fucking good to be an amateur. I looked at her again. She was in her early forties. She had lived a life before I came along. Of course she wasn't a fucking amateur. Had she sucked the cocks of her male colleagues? Quite possibly. And Alan's cock? I didn't think so. How many other men had she entertained in her bed, whilst Alan had been away fishing? One? Two? Hundreds? No – not hundreds. Her cunt was too immaculate. It was a beautiful cunt – and it was only for me. Or was it? The soft music. The chilled wine. How many other times had she entertained men? I should have fucked her harder than I did, because even though she had cried at the end, I had made the mistake of feeling sorry for being so rough with her. But perhaps she enjoyed rough sex, and that her crying had been an act to hide the fact that she liked being treated like a slut. That was it. The next time – perhaps tonight – there would be anal sex. That will make the slut cry.

Dave Cooper wants to make his girlfriend cry.
Extract from "The Londoners" - an ebook by Luke Ryman, for Kindle.