Sunday, 11 August 2013

The A To Z of Cooper & Joy - Part 2

D is for destroy. Destroy what destroys YOU, before it is too late. Tony Joy is a firm believer in destruction - destroying the lives of all those around him, but not his own. But even he cannot be blind to the fact that he too will also be destroyed, and self-destruct. Let's hope that his downfall is not too long in coming.

E is for escape. Their terrible deeds have finally caught up with them. They can no longer call Catford home, for if they choose to stay here they will have to answer for their crimes. But where will they go? The North could be another safe haven, just like London was in the beginning. And the South? Well, they do like to be beside the seaside...

F is for fear. Terrorising young women is something which Tony Joy lives for. To him women are just objects - they are there to be threatened and abused. How many women will he overpower? How many times will he regret his actions? Is he like he is because of his terrible childhood? Poor Tony was never a happy child, but is this a reason to vent his hate in such a vile manner?

G is for God. He is on Tony's side. He will guide Tony through the hardest of times. Tony is clearly insane, and when Dave Cooper hears for the first time, direct from Tony's mouth, that God will protect them, even he must admit that his friend is plainly mad, and in need of help.

To be continued.

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