Thursday, 1 August 2013

The A to Z of Cooper & Joy

So now that the final part of "The Londoners" trilogy has been published, and Cooper and Joy have made their final appearance, here are just a few things which we have come to learn about two of the oldest teenagers in town.

A is for alcohol. Their preference is for lager, but they have been known to "ease the pain" with whisky. Tony Joy refuses to admit that he is an alcoholic, saying that if someone else had been in his shoes, during his miserable time in the Big City, they too would have turned to drink. Needless to say, throughout "The Londoners" trilogy, our two heroes spend a great deal of their time in their favourite pub, which is a safe haven, and a place where they run to when their world is crashing down around them.

 B is for bulging eyes, just like the ones above, which Tony uses to intimidate his victims. Dave reckons that Tony's eyes are the first thing you notice when you meet the man for the very first time. It is with these eyes that Tony mentally undresses all the pretty girls who come into the pub, and it is with these eyes that he drills fear into his victims. Now picture the shaven head, the bloated neck and the flabby stomach, and you will see Mister Joy standing right before you.

C is for Catford, where Dave and Tony believe that life will be just great. A pub to get drunk in, a twenty-four hour mini-market to steal from, and a filthy café where they can stuff their faces with greasy and unhealthy food. But Catford is far from paradise on earth, for it is here that our two friends will endure a terrible time. If only they had gone further up the line...


To be continued.


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