Monday, 2 September 2013

On A Ferry, Somewhere Between England & France...

Goodbye England - We'll Be Back.

Clare admired the barman as he served her drinks. He was tall, muscular and seemed to be free of dandruff and bad skin. She watched his hands as he poured her glass of wine. He was probably kind to his girlfriend, and as she thanked the barman for the drinks, Clare wondered what the hell she was doing with a mean bastard like Deano. It wasn’t even for the sex, she thought, as she carefully made her way back to their table, because their last sexual experience had been some time ago. And for all his promises of gifts and good times, all she had ever received from Deano was some tacky lingerie and the latest Adele CD. Perhaps, she thought, she should try Sarah’s approach, and swap her body for the handbag which had taken her fancy.
Welcome To France!

Extract taken from "But Bloody France!" - Part 1 of an amusing series of ebooks about a holiday from hell in Normandy.

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