Monday, 4 November 2013


Can you see what I can see?

Now this is fucking great! The best room in the hotel – overlooking the wild Atlantic Ocean – and the best champagne money can buy. And then, stretched out on my bed, there’s the girl I met on the beach.

I think she said that her name is Valerie, and that she’s a student from Bordeaux. Mama and Papa are quite well off, and they have a holiday home not too far from my hotel. But Valerie is of a difficult age, and because she has no brothers or sisters, spending two weeks with her parents is hardly a holiday worth writing home about.

Enter Dave Cooper - a man who can bring happiness to the lives of those who are feeling depressed. A man who will make Valerie laugh, and who will make her realise that two weeks on the Normandy coast isn’t such a bad thing after all, even if her friends are probably having one hell of a time in resorts where there are bars and nightclubs to satisfy their insatiable appetites for beer and loud music.

But this must be our secret, because I’m a lot older than Valerie, and what’s more – and much worse than my age – I’m English.

Dave Cooper having a strange dream - or is he really in bed with Valerie?
Extract taken from "The Londoners 3 - No Turning Back" & "The Londoners Trilogy - 4 Years In London"


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