Sunday, 1 December 2013

Cheeseburgers, Kathryn Erbe & ...

Kathryn Erbe: Tough on crime and sexy with it.

Over here in France, where life would be a lot better if the president wasn't Francois Hollande, the natives have always eyed America and the Americans with a certain degree of suspicion.
This dislike of all things from the other side of the Atlantic is hard to understand, but probably comes about from the fact that the French consider themselves to be the finest race on the planet.
Yes, I can hear you all chuckling, and asking yourselves how can a country where idleness is a national past-time and where shops don't open on a Sunday be home to a people who believe they are a cut above the rest.
Well, don't ask me, because having lived here for so many years, I've given up trying to understand the French, and their peculiar habits. After all, if they're happy to work thirty-five hours a week, spend three weeks in an overcrowded campsite in August and eat snails in garlic butter, who am I to criticise them?
Okay, some things over here are good: the food, the wine and the countryside, but some things over here are positively shit.
Our French friends like nothing better to complain about the number of American series shown on French TV, but having watched the dross which French TV producers like to force upon the population, who can blame a hot-blooded male like me preferring to settle down on a Friday night with a bottle of wine and Kathryn Erbe, instead of watching a documentary about road accidents in Paris.
Kathryn Erbe is GOOD - French TV is NOT!


 Then there's the dislike of American cuisine, which the French believe is all about cheeseburgers, pizzas and hot dogs. And after eating the finest fast food money can buy, it can only be washed down with coke, can't it?

The French may detest cheeseburgers and all drinks fizzy, but drive past a McDonalds where I live on a Friday night, and you'll see the youth of today stuffing their faces with all things good to come out of America. And as for me - what can be better way to cure a Bordeaux-induced headache by drinking a can of coke the morning after?

The problem here in France is the fact that most French people believe that if it isn't French, then it isn't good. But as the older generation fades away into the next world - where cheeseburgers, coke and Kathryn Erbe are certainly not welcome - at least the next generation want to break free from the shackles of all things European, and embrace anything and quite possibly everything from the land which gave us good fast food and the sexiest female cop on the planet!

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