Monday, 20 January 2014

Meet Phil, From Thanet.

A French double cheeseburger.
A croissant.
A French furniture shop.

It was Phil who chose the lunch venue, and when by chance he stumbled upon a fast-food restaurant at the edge of a large town, a smile returned to his face. A few double cheeseburgers and a bottle of beer was enough to put a spring back in his step, even if French cheeseburgers, according to him, weren’t as good as their British counterparts. And even if the fumes of the passing traffic sometimes made him cough and splutter, and nobody behind the counter in the restaurant had spoken a word of English, he didn’t really mind.

Phil is enjoying an end-of-holiday meal with his friends Clare and Deano, somewhere in Normandy, in the car park of a fast-food restaurant. He has come all of this way to eat bloody cheeseburgers, but who can blame him?

Extract taken from But Bloody France! - Part 1 of an amusing series of tales abouts the ups and downs experienced by a group of friends, during their two week holiday in Normandy.

This title, and all others by the same author, is available for Kindle via Amazon.

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