Sunday, 26 January 2014

Tony & Kez

Tony was enjoying himself with one of Samantha's girlfriends. God, she was gruesome. But that wouldn't have bothered him. I listened and watched as the maestro went to work. She was called Kerry, but her friends called her Kez. She spoke with a very heavy London accent. It was too embarrassing to listen to. She was fat and ugly. I didn't even want to think about her tits, or if she was wearing panties or a string. Tony laughed with Kez. He moved closer. He bought her a drink. He told her a funny story. She laughed. She looked at him. They were made for each other. Was Kez going to be another of Tony's victims? I don't think she would have minded, because she didn't have the sort of body or looks that would have had men thinking about long-term relationships. She had the body of a woman who was there to be fucked – and that's all. My slight erection died a death when I studied Kez for longer than was necessary. Chaff. Chaff. Chaff.

Extract taken from "The Londoners Trilogy - Four Years In London."
An ebook for kindle, by Luke Ryman, where you can meet unfortunate and ugly people like Kez.

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