Tuesday, 25 February 2014

An Evening With Roger Whittaker...

...and Clare, Deano and Phil, in their little part of Normandy.

"And what shall we do this very evening?" asked Deano, snootily, looking at his own girlfriend, who was well and truly on the way to finishing her second bottle of wine. Clare looked at him and winced. She didn’t like it when Deano mocked her semi-posh accent.

"Well," replied Clare, "apparently there’s a live group performing at the bar tonight."

"YEAH!" cried Deano, as he threw a bottle of beer in Phil’s direction. "Dire Straits comes to Normandy," he sarcastically added. "We’ll have to get there early, if we’re to get the best seats in the house," he continued, as he poured cold beer down his throat.

"Well, Deano," replied Clare, annoyed that her second bottle of wine was now empty, "it’s more of a mix of folk and easy listening."

"What?" asked Deano, annoyed that there would be no Dire Straits to listen to. "Folk and easy listening?"

"Yes, you know?" laughed Clare. "It won’t be so much Mark Knopfler, but more Roger Whittaker."

"Roger who?" enquired Phil, as he kissed his girlfriend goodbye.

"I’m gonna leave old Durham town, I’m gonna leave old Durham town…" sang Deano, as he started to dance with a very surprised Emilie.

"Oh, got you mate!" said Phil. "Yeah! Who needs Dire Straits when you’ve got old Roger?"

"…and that leaving’s gonna get me down," continued Deano, as Clare, Phil and Emilie all wondered how Deano knew the lyrics to a Roger Whittaker song.

Extract taken from "But Bloody France!  (Part 2) Kate or Wayne
An ebook for Kindle by Luke Ryman
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