Thursday, 6 February 2014

Dave Cooper

Did he ever love her?

At that very moment in time – it was late on a Tuesday afternoon – I was a poor man, drifting aimlessly through one of London's busiest streets. I was financially poor, and having spent the last four years of my life with Tony, sharing a cramped flat with him in south-east London, I was a man of reduced morals and little compassion. I had been changed by my surroundings, my peers and by my situation. I had dallied with love, but even if my brief affair with Jill could have lifted me to better things, and delivered me to a better place, there was never going to be an escape from the life, which through complacency, I had moulded for myself. Jill, I thought, had been a pleasant distraction, but the love I had for her was never going to be strong enough to make me want to stay with her forever, and turn my back on all that I have come to accept and suffer.

Dave Cooper appears in "The Londoners" trilogy, three books about two men, two dreams and one dirty town.

"The Londoners"
"After Love Comes Hate"
"No Turning Back"
are now available in one ebook: "The Londoners Trilogy - Four Years In London" written by Luke Ryman

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