Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Welcome To Margate!


Before, when Clare Green had been so overconfident and when she had been riding on a wave of good luck and fortune, she would have looked down at girls like Tina Smith, because Clare Green existed in another world, where poor and unfortunate creatures like Tina Smith were unknown and avoided. The Tina Smiths of Clare Green's world were the lowest form of life she could imagine: girls who came from ugly housing estates, girls who had no education and girls who worked in supermarkets. Except now, after her boyfriend had abandoned her, her dream in France was over and her return to England had left her deflated and depressed, Clare Green needed friends like Tina Smith, if she was to move on and get away from the past.

Extract taken from Those Margate Days, Those Lonely Nights - a story of love and new beginnings, out now on Kindle

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