Monday, 28 April 2014

The Time Of Their Lives

The best seats in the house were outside, where the din produced by a group of spotty teenagers was barely audible. Deano thought that the band was crap, although the guitarist – a slim, pretty creature, free of acne – was enough to have his dirty mind working overtime.

“Have you seen the girl with the guitar?” enquired Deano, muttering into Phil’s left ear.

“What girl?” asked Clare, reading her boyfriend’s lips in a way that always annoyed Deano, whenever he had something to say and which he didn’t want Clare to hear.

“Oh, nothing Babe,” replied Deano. “I was just saying to Phil that the girl with the guitar has got to be the ugliest girl in the village.”

It was just then, as Deano changed the subject, and said that his steak was as disgusting as usual, that the girl stepped out of the bar, to take in the cool evening air and enjoy a cigarette. Clare looked across at her, and slicing another slither of meat from her steak, she suddenly felt a warm feeling fill her body. The girl, she thought, was beautiful. The girl, she realised, had brought her hidden desire to kiss another girl to the surface. Clare looked down at her plate and pushed it to one side. The steak WAS disgusting, but mercifully the white wine was great. She then let out a heavy sigh, and thought about the time that she and Emilie had shared a passionate kiss the previous year. She then looked across at the girl, who had almost finished her cigarette, and wished that she could kiss her on her open mouth.


…Everybody talks about a new world in the morning, a new world in the morning…poured from the heaving bar, as the local population whooped in delight when another Roger Whittaker song filled the air.

“It’s funny when you think about it,” said Phil, as he drained the last of the beer from his bottle. “I mean, there we were eighteen months ago, in shitty Margate, trying to earn a living, and here we are today, in Normandy, having the time of our lives.”

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