Tuesday, 1 April 2014

A Tragic Ending

The music is so upbeat, and when the camera zooms in on the girl - just out of the swimming pool  and shaking her hair dry- you wonder what can possibly be coming up next.

"That was good," the girl announces, seemingly thrilled by the experience of having just completed a few lengths in her local municipal pool. "Right, lunch," she then adds, before glancing back at another girl, as she heads for the exit - and her Birds Eye Menu Master vegetable curry.

Mmmm, it looks delicious, doesn't it, as the little sweetie from the swimming pool gets comfortable, and starts to tuck into her microwaved meal - and what a tasty meal it must be, if the smile on our friend's face is anything to go by.

But if the music and the girl aren't enough to sell YOU this vegetable curry, then what else is needed to move you from undecided to frothing at the mouth?

Well, you buffoon, it IS better than lentil burgers, isn't it?

But anything - even honey-roasted cat food - is better than a lentil burger, especially a double cheeseburger served with fries and washed down with a pint of ice-cold lager. Or what about fish and chips, pizza, pasta, fried chicken, roast beef or steak and kidney pie? Yes, all of these things are better than a lentil burger, and certainly better than a Birds Shite Menu Master vegetable curry.

And so what is the point of this post? Well, this advert started off well - jolly music and a girl sexily shaking her head from side to side - but it ended quite tragically, by hoping to persuade us to rush out and buy a vegetable curry.

A good beginning smashed to pieces by a tragic ending and our interest captured and then rapidly lost, as you only hope and pray that this thirty-second serving of utter dross doesn't make another appearance on a television set, near you.

That's life, folks!

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