Friday, 11 April 2014


Tony Joy: A man whose wisdom knows no limits

Q: What is a Joyism?
A: A Joyism is a phrase or expression, as said by Tony Joy.

Q: Who is Tony Joy?
A: He is an overweight, unemployed Londoner, who, when not in his bed, can
     be found in his favourite pub, at the end of the road in which he lives.

Q: Are Joyisms meaningful and profound, or just absolute nonsense?
A: I'll let YOU decide.


"We will rise from the bowels of defeat, on this day of a thousand glories."
Tony Joy has lost almost all of his money in Las Vegas. However, he's sure he will bounce back.

"Forces greater than us have worked against us."
Tony Joy explaining why he's lost his money in Las Vegas.

"A man should never be judged by his clothes, in the same way that a book should never be judged by its cover."
Tony Joy, on why the fact that his t-shirt - covered in tomato sauce and beer stains - isn't a problem.

"Water is fine for fish, but man needs something stronger, to get him through the trials and tribulations of life."
Tony Joy, getting ready to go to Paris, on why he drinks so much lager.

"Being unemployed means not being shackled to routine."
Tony Joy, in the middle of the Channel, on why being out of work is not such a bad thing.

"Most women are bad news, and, like drugs, they will eventually f**k our minds."
Tony Joy, in a Parisian bar, on why he's still single.

"All great journeys start with the smallest of steps."
Tony Joy, getting ready to hike from Paris to Bordeaux.

"Great men become greater, in such situations."
Tony Joy's back is to the wall, in Paris. He's got no money and no cigarettes. But he's going to survive, because he's a winner.

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