Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Overseas Adventures

... although Roger was very kind to have stopped, and let us ride with him, he also stank of stale sweat and nicotine, had engine oil plastered over his clothes and had the vile habit of drawing up phlegm from the base of his throat, only to swill it around in his mouth, before swallowing it again. Yes, Roger was a dirty bastard, unwashed and unshaven, who looked like the sort of man who spent all of his money on cheap prostitutes, strong alcohol and pornographic magazines. And if all of these things weren't enough to automatically add him to our list of people-we'll-hopefully-never-see-again, like a great many of his fellow countrymen, Roger drove his lorry as though he was the only person on the road, clearly not giving a shit about other motorists in front of him, beside him, or behind him.

Dave Cooper & Tony Joy are on the road, heading to Bordeaux. Obsessed by a series of strange dreams, and because he has nothing better to do with his time, Tony needs to get to the south-west of France to discover the meaning behind these peculiar dreams. But how will they get from Paris to Bordeaux? Well, enter Roger - a kind-hearted trucker who seems to be going there way...

See how the story begins and ends in "Dave Cooper: Bordeaux, Here We Come!" the second part of "Dave Cooper: Going Wild In Paris."

These 2 titles now available for Kindle, via Amazon.

Vive La France!

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