Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Trashy Sarah

"Mmmm. These taste brilliant. Do you want one, Baby?” asked Deano, as he turned to Clare, thrusting one of the fries into her face.”

“Go on, Clare,” urged Sarah. “It might be the last decent thing you get to eat for the next two weeks.”

Clare sniffed again, and after adjusting her sunglasses, she looked down at trashy Sarah, who was digesting the last of her meal, whilst trying to avoid spilling ketchup on her tight-fitting top. If Phil had still been with Emma, then things might have been different. But he had since parted company with one of Clare’s best girlfriends - deciding that Sarah was the girl for him.

“Do you like it, Clare? I got it from Asda. It was ever so cheap,” said Sarah, proudly showing off her clothes. “And I got the trousers from Folkestone market,” she added.

Clare looked at Sarah and smiled. “Yeah! It really suits you,” she replied. “Only you could look so good in what you’re wearing.”

Sarah smiled. She then turned to her boyfriend. “You see, Phil, I told you SHE would like my top.”

Deano clapped his hands together, as a couple of French students accidentally pushed into him.

“Go on, Deano, give the smelly bugger a bloody good hiding,” said Phil, as he stood up to scratch his balls.

“No!” replied Deano. “I can’t be bothered. And anyway, we’ve got to be going, because we’ve got a boat to catch.”

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