Thursday, 25 December 2014


    Boredom soon set in. There's not much excitement to be had from stacking boxes and making sure that a machine is doing its job. But at least I was left alone. Occasionally, when I wasn't being watched by my other colleagues, I took great pleasure from smashing my fist into the boxes of shortbread, before stacking them on a pallet. I punched hard at the boxes, smashing the fragile biscuits, and destroying the company's reputation. I then took a tissue from my pocket, and after spitting phlegm into it, I squeezed the tissue into a carton. It was a disgusting act of sabotage, but as with Fat Mary's fall, it made me laugh. Then I gave another solid punch, a whack, and another tissue was slipped into another box. Phlegm and broken shortbread. The client wouldn't be happy.
Dave Cooper is intent on destruction. Extract taken from "4 Years In London" - an ebook for kindle by Luke Ryman.

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