Monday, 19 January 2015


"...these days I move around a lot more than before, and so when Tony gave me a stolen underground season ticket, it made me smile. He said that I no longer had to remain static. I didn't even know what static meant, but when Dave explained to me, I laughed. I prefer Tony to Dave, because Tony is like me – he would steal from his own mother, and to hell with the consequences. He's idle, a drinker and doesn't care about what he says. Dave likes to give the impression that he's the same as us, but he's never been a pickpocket, and for me he's too cocky. The other thing with him is that he'll never look in your eyes when he talks to you, whereas Tony will stare at you, to show you that he doesn't give a fuck about how big you are, or who you are, because he's just the same."
As told by Glen - a hard bastard from north London who prefers to have friends like Tony Joy rather than Dave Cooper.

Two's company but three is certainly a crowd. Meet Glen, Tony and Dave in "Dad Drove A Bus", "The Londoners", "The Londoners 2 - After Love Comes Hate" and "The Londoners 3 - No Turning Back."

The Londoners: A series of ebooks for Kindle about the loves and lives of some unpleasant men.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Little Angel

The buck-toothed girl – there, at the table just beside him, playing cards with her parents and her little brother – was so ugly, that no-one would mourn her passing. Her teeth made her look ugly. Her acne made her look ugly. Her supermarket clothes made her look ugly. The way she spoke made her sound ugly. No-one, he reassured himself, would mourn her passing. No, what he wanted – and what he wanted more than anything in the world, at that very moment in time - was to take the life of someone whose death would bring a family to its knees. What he wanted, as the swell of the English Channel gently rocked the ferry from side to side, was to bring heartache and misery to a family. So what he had to do, he knew, was to kill a pretty child, to deprive a family of its little angel.

Little angel is how parents of murdered children refer to their butchered and raped offspring, when men like Peter Ward live out their wildest fantasies. He knew this was true, because he had read so many newspaper articles over the years on the subject. The headlines would read: OUR LITTLE ANGEL IS NOW IN HEAVEN or SHE IS NOW WITH THE ANGELS. And then, without fail, a photo of the smiling angel would be beneath those tear-jerking words, for all the world to see. And when all the world saw that little girl, and understood that she was now with the angels, the reaction of horror, grief and sadness would be the same the world over.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

After Dover

There's a killer on the rampage and he has no time to lose. Death and destruction he will bring to those who cross his path, and to hell with the consequences. In forty-eight hours Peter Ward will destroy many lives. The world would be better off without him - but right now, somewhere in England, the world is his for the taking.

Catch him if you can, before it's too late...

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