Sunday, 8 February 2015

Peter Ward

Sitting on a bench, watching the ferries sailing back and forth across the Channel, Ward allowed the weak heat of the sun to slightly warm his pale face. Less than twenty-four hours earlier he had killed a thirteen-year-old girl. Killing the child had been a quick and violent act, and her death was of no consequence to him. For Ward, the pleasure in killing someone came from the pain and suffering he caused the parents, relatives and close friends of his victims. He knew, as a stray dog ran past him, that right then, somewhere in Canterbury, the parents of Melissa Hall would be sick with worry, not knowing if their little angel was alive or dead.

Extract taken from After Dover by Luke Ryman - a new ebook for Kindle about a cold-blooded killer.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

B is for...

Bush, as in Kate
Bacon, with eggs and sausages and fried bread
Bexhill-on-sea, a seaside town so typically English
Blanc, as in Mont, on the road to Italy
Blackjack in Vegas
Barbecues in summer
Bed after work in deepest winter
Bloody France!
British Rail
Beef and horseradish
Backstreets, as in London
Bonne chance!