Thursday, 20 August 2015


Tony and me live in a flat – a small flat, sandwiched between those on the first and third floors of the building in which we live – which is awful, but because the rent is low, and there's a pub at the end of the road, Tony and me can just about live with the constant damp, the noisy neighbours and the rest of life's problems that come from living in accommodation at the lower end of the market.

When we first came to London four years ago we knew, that with a limited budget, we weren't going to end up in Mayfair, and that our future home would probably be a very small flat, in a part of London that is littered with high-rise tower blocks, vast expanses of dreary and cold concrete and very little to get excited about. Well, we were absolutely right, because we've got the high-rise tower blocks, the dreary and cold concrete and not a lot else.

Fortunately, we avoided living in a high-rise flat, because we stumbled upon a vacant property, in a reasonably well-kept building, in a road that provides us with all that we need in life. Our favourite pub is just a few minutes walk away, there's a pizzeria opposite us, and next to that there's one of those shops that sells everything and which is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Of course, such independent convenience stores are more expensive than their bigger rivals, but, as Tony says, our nation was made great by shopkeepers of the independent variety, and by doing our shopping in such shops, we're helping to keep alive the Davids in a world where there are too many Goliaths.

Dave Cooper has a lot to be happy about, but is there more to life than pizzas, pubs and twenty-four hour mini-markets? Find out the answer to this question, and others, in "The Londoners" trilogy - the first in a series of ebooks by Luke Ryman.