Monday, 7 September 2015

A Little Bit Of Vegas...

Who is the vulgar cockney with the flash car, and why is he showing an interest in a struggling golf club which has seen better days?

Alistair Lime, the club's long-serving president, is keen to discover the answer to these questions.

Wait a while, Mister Lime, and all will be revealed,” announces Johnny Joy, an overweight Londoner with money to burn. “You might hate me now, but tomorrow you'll love me.”

And so Alistair Lime succumbs to Johnny Joy's charms, even if drastic changes are in the air.

But things won't change that much, will they?

Welcome to the clubhouse, where gin and tonics and soggy cheese sandwiches will soon be banished, to be replaced by exciting food and fancy cocktails.

What will the members make of this?

The Clubhouse: if you like golf you'll hate this. If you loathe golf you'll love this.

The Clubhouse by Luke Ryman is the first part of an amusing series about love, life and money - but certainly not about golf. Out now from Amazon for Kindle.

Click here to buy the book.

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