Thursday, 5 November 2015

Balls, Beer & Bedlam

When Sally Bunting appeared with the drinks she gave Johnny Joy a warm smile.
Put them on my bill,” said Lime, as he took his glass.
Mister Lime,” said Johnny Joy, in a tone which made Lime straighten his back, “I don't believe in bar bills. If a man can't pay for a round of drinks,” said Joy, “then he's better off staying at home.”
Joy then pulled a chunky pile of banknotes from his pocket, and after delicately removing a single note, he duly paid for the drinks.
And take one for yourself, sweetheart,” said Joy, to a Sally Bunting who seemed to be in awe of the wad of notes which the visitor had pulled from his pocket.
Thanks,” she replied.
And keep the change,” said Joy, as he turned his head to admire Sally Bunting's backside, as she returned to the bar.
You're right,” laughed Joy, as he appeared to half empty his glass in one go, “she IS a diamond, but your dickhead of a parking attendant is something else,” grunted Joy.
Oh, no,” replied Lime, coming to the defence of his friend. “That's Derek Smith. He's one of our most respected members.”
He's a dickhead!” repeated Johnny Joy, as he finished his drink.

What's the future of this sleepy seaside town golf club?
Extract taken from "The Clubhouse" - an ebook by Luke Ryman.
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