Tuesday, 15 December 2015


...but not forgotten is what we must think of Marine Le Pen.

Defeated in last Sunday's regional elections in France, Le Pen is a victim of the spineless and dithering population which whilst brave enough to vote for Le Pen in the first round of the elections, decided that playing it safe and not ruffling too many feathers was the way to go in the second round.

Shame on all of you who have decided that the way ahead for France is to stick with the same old bullshitters and bastards who seem content to drive this country into the ground.

YOU people are probably the people who think that Angela Merkel is a great leader, and that her efforts to bloat Europe with masses of immigrant dross is what's best for this continent, whilst boosting her own popularity.

Believe me when I say that Merkel is nothing more than a vile manipulator, who seems to have snared Francois Hollande in her web.

YOU people may as well have voted for Father Christmas, because he has the political brain of a no-hoper and the vision of a blind socialist. However, Father Christmas does at least work one day a year, which is one day more than the refugees intend to work, once they get their grubby feet under France's table.

Le Pen would have curbed the influx and would have restored the lost values of France, and she would certainly have put the French people first. YOU people who voted against her have in all honesty voted for the continual destruction of a country which is slowly becoming nothing more than a broken down mess, populated by parasites and idle bastards.

I hope YOU people won't complain when the refugees arrive on your street, because YOU'VE made YOUR bed, so now lie on it!

Vive La France and let's hope that common sense prevails at the next opportunity to change the way that this country is governed.