Sunday, 24 January 2016


What plans does the fat man have for a failing golf club? Why is Tony serving fast food to earn a living and where is Dave when Tony needs him most? And if Paris is all pavement caf├ęs and smelly people driving badly, just why has Tony got to visit this wonderful city? After love in Vegas, junk food in Florida and beer and roulette in Paris, what can Bordeaux have in store for two of England's worst exports?

All aboard, for we're off to Humourland!

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Monday, 11 January 2016

Destroying Buck

Welcome to Florida!

Here you will find alligators, oranges and a fat man called Tony Joy.

But Tony would rather be back home in London, with his old friend Dave Cooper by his side.

Stuck in a loveless marriage, employed in a grubby fast food restaurant and friendless, it's no wonder that Tony is depressed.

Don't worry Tony, Dave will come to your rescue in your hour of need, and Dave will help you right a few wrongs.

So all aboard with Dave Cooper, in this latest amusing story from Luke Ryman about beer, love and cheeseburgers.

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