Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Turkey & Jesus

When I had filled my plate with turkey, potatoes and beans, and the old man had taken his place at the head of the table, I realised that if Buck had some expensive wine in his collection, there was no likelihood that any of it was going to make it to the table.

And then, just as I started to dissect my turkey, Buck asked us all to pray, and thank Jesus for putting the food on our plates and the water in our glasses. When the prayer was over, I realised why religion had never been quite my thing, and why Tony looked so depressed. But starting to feel hungry, and not overly concerned about Tony's problems, I stabbed my fork violently into my turkey, and watched with delight as my potatoes shot off my plate and onto Nancy's dress.

Dave Cooper is in need of a drink, but with Buck in charge, only water is on offer - together with Jesus!

What is Dave doing in Florida and why is his friend, Tony, looking so miserable? Find out now in Destroying Buck - an ebook for kindle by Luke Ryman

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