Wednesday, 20 April 2016


Strewn across the bedroom floor were Tony's t-shirts and underpants, together with his much-loved Arsenal shorts, which he had stolen from a sports shop during a Christmastime shoplifting spree. He was really proud of the fact that he had managed to get away with the shorts, without being caught, and said that while he agreed that shoplifting is immoral, he got a real buzz from walking into a shop and helping himself to whatever he wanted.

He had even left an unfinished glass of lager on his bedside table, and after peering into it, I saw that a film of dead insects and mould had started to develop on the surface. All of a sudden I no longer had the urge to go to the pub for a pint of lager, and not wanting to vomit all over myself, I backed away from the table and continued to look for any cash that Tony may have inadvertently scattered throughout his bedroom, in the same way a squirrel hordes nuts, so in barren times, it always has something to eat, and doesn't have to worry about where its next meal is going to come from.

But the fat bastard had left nothing of any value lying around, unless his stash of pornographic magazines had some sort of resale value. But even then, there was no way I was going to touch his magazines, because soiled magazines containing pictures of nude women are on the same level as unfinished glasses of lager.

Tony Joy is in Florida, but Dave Cooper isn't! Without his only friend in life, what is Dave going to do? Find out the answer to this question - and others - in Destroying Buck, a short and amusing tale about a fat man getting up to no good in Florida.

This ebook can also be found in Humourland, which, as the title suggests, is a series of amusing tales in one ebook.

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Tuesday, 5 April 2016


MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN is all he wants to do, and so come November, and if you are American,  then this is the man - and perhaps the ONLY man - who can achieve that goal - with the help of YOUR vote.

He hasn't mixed his words and he's made few friends on the campaign trail, but at least Donald Trump has made it clear that if you're an immigrant, a terrorist, a parasite or any other form of indesirable being, YOU better pack your bags and get out of town, for a sea of change is in the making.

Of course, he's been called radical, racist and he's been compared to Hitler, but if a man so desperate to change the face of his nation has to be these things, then so be it.

What a shame that Francois Hollande and Angela Merkel can't stand up and be counted, instead of turning Europe into a dumping ground of immigrant dross.

They're smashing down the walls that serve to protect the European state, instead of manning the towers and forcing the invaders out of town. They mock the likes of Donald Trump, when instead they should be following his lead, and putting THEIR respective countries first. At least David Cameron has refused to allow the UK to become a paradise for millions of refugees, understanding that Britain is better off without them.

Over here, it must only get worse before it gets better, where as over there, in the U.S., with Trump in charge, the American population will soon benefit from the policies of a leader who puts HIS people FIRST and HIS country FIRST.

Love him or hate him, just be content with the fact that out there, in the wide world, there is at least one man who's got the balls to stand up and say what he thinks - and to hell with political correctness!