Monday, 5 September 2016

Absent underwear

Who are these awful creatures? With their big mouths, vulgar laughs, cheap lipstick and absent underwear, who are these foul-mouthed, beer-swilling girls?

Don't know and don't want to know, you say to yourself.

What a shame that Tony Joy doesn't follow your couldn't give a shit attitude.

No, not our Tony. No, not our fat friend with the bulging eyes, bloated stomach and disgusting habits. For he simply loves awful creatures.

He gets his kicks from watching them vomit their vodka and orange over the pavement, for whilst they are bent forward, emptying their guts, the man with the bulging eyes is right behind them, dribbling over their naked arses.

It's a sight that should be avoided, unless you get your kicks like Tony Joy.

Meet the man and all of his friends, as he and his cronies weave their way through the streets of southeast London.

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